Nima Nazzari

Nima Nazzari

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Watercolourist Nima Nazzari is well known for his passion for working in his favourite medium, watercolour.

Having lived in Australia and Melbourne, this artist has had the opportunity to develop his skills creating incredible paintings while under the influence of masters.

Nima is a representational Watercolour Painter of Victorian landscapes, Melbourne City-scapes, Nocturnes and foreshores, mostly in an impressionistic style.Nima has been painting with watercolour for over four years and is more passionate about it now than ever. Watercolours, when done well, are hard to beat. They have a fluid, spontaneous quality speaking of confidence, skill and a clear message of what the artist wanted to say.

Educatuion: Art

Exhibition: Melbourne

Start Date: Saturday, 1 June, 2013

Category: Drawing, Painting

Country: Australia

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