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Octa Gallery is not just a market place; it's a community. Knowing artists' success is often dependent on their collaboration with the community, we've created a place for artists to broaden their network and build their connections. Providing the necessary support and countless opportunities to network, Octa Gallery is here to channel each artist's success.

If you've got a question that wasn't answered by our FAQs or you have any further questions and like to share some feedback, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us directly at support@octagallery.com.

Octa Gallery is committed to ensuring the 100% satisfaction of our art collectors! That's why once you’ve receive an original artwork or open edition print, we'll give you seven (7) days to decide whether or not you’d like to keep that artwork or return it for a refund. You may return any eligible artwork (i.e. artwork that is not one of the Final Sale items, listed below), provided that it is returned to the artist in its original condition and packaging.

The 7-Day money-back guarantee is NOT applicable to the following final sale items:

  • Framed/Matted Open Edition Prints
  • Limited Edition Works
  • Special Collection Works

For detailed information on how to return either an original work or a print as well as the specific return policies for each, please see the following FAQs

Before reading the instructions provided below on how to return an original work, please carefully read our Original Artwork Return Policy:


Original Artwork Return Policy

From the time you receive your original artwork from our couriers, you have seven (7) days to decide whether to keep the work or return the artwork in its original condition for a refund.  

We also require all returned artwork to be shipped out by the buyer within three (3) days after confirming with us that the work will be returned. So, if you receive artwork you’ve purchased from Octa Gallery and are not fully satisfied, you have: 

  1. Seven (7) days to contact us about your intent to return the work
  2. Three (3) days from the day you contacted us to ship out the artwork through a traceable method and provide us with the shipment’s tracking number.

If you do not notify us of your intent to return the work within 7 days of receipt or you do not ship the work within 3 days of notifying us, you will NOT be eligible for a refund. (Some exceptions will apply. Please contact us for an assessment of your specific situation.)


How to Return an Original, Undamaged Work

Step 1 – Within seven (7) days of your merchandise delivery date, please call (+61) 04 7051 4144 between the hours of 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM PST Monday through Saturday or email support@octagallery.com to give us your order information and the reason for wanting to return the work.

Step 2 – Repackage the artwork using the original packaging materials used by the artist. If you’ve already disposed of the original packaging, you’ll be responsible for purchasing packaging materials to send the artwork back safely to the artist. Please contact us via mentioned contact detail at above to inform about our Packaging Guidelines for instructions on how to safely package artwork for shipment.

Step 3 – Arrange to send the packaged artwork directly back to the artist using a traceable shipping method. Be certain to select "Delivered Duty Paid" (DDP) when creating your shipping label. You are required to pay all fees including custom costs when returning artwork back to the artist. If DDP is not selected, the amount owed will be taken from your returned funds.

Step 4 – Email all shipping details including tracking number to support@octagallery.com. 

Once the piece safely reaches the artist, Octa Gallery will process your return and the amount owed will be refunded to your original source of payment in the same currency and using the same exchange rate as your original order (minus shipping costs and international customs fees, if any) within 7-10 business days of your merchandise return.

Additional return informationPLEASE READ.

  • Octa Gallery is not responsible for undelivered returns.
  • Additional shipping fees may apply for international returns. 


What to Do If the Artwork Arrives Damaged

Step 1 – Within seven (7) days of your merchandise delivery date, please call (+61) 04 7051 4144 between the hours of 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM PST Monday through Saturday or email support@octagallery.com to give us your order information.

Step 2 - Save original packaging!

Step 3 - Take photos of damaged artwork and packaging. Please email these photos to support@octagallery.com.

Step 4 - A Octa Gallery support representative will contact you to discuss next steps.


Before reading the instructions provided below on how to return an open edition print, please carefully read our Open Edition Print Return Policy:


Open Edition Print Return Policy

From the time you receive your open edition print, you have seven (7) days to return your order for a refund, provided that it isn’t a final sale item (see below these step-by-step instructions for a list of final sale items). 

NOTE: Only open edition prints are eligible for our 7-Day return policy. Limited edition prints are considered final sale items.

Step 1 – Please call (+61) 04 7051 4144 between the hours of (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM PST Monday through Saturday) or email support@octagallery.com within seven (7) days of your merchandise delivery date.

Step 2 – On the return portion of the packing slip, indicate the return reason from the options provided.

Step 3 – Repackage the print, making sure to include:

  • Your order number and contact information
  • The return portion of your original packing slip
  • Address the package to:

             Demand Media
             Southbank, 3006, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
             Attn: Octa Gallery Return

Step 4 – Ship your return package using a traceable shipping method and email the shipping details (including tracking number) to support@octagallery.com.

Octa Gallery is not responsible for undelivered returns. Saatchi Art will process your return and the amount owed will be refunded to your original source of payment in the same currency and using the same exchange rate as your original order (minus shipping costs and international customs fees, if any) within 7-10 business days of your merchandise return.


Final Sale Items

Our 7-Day money-back guarantee is NOT applicable to the following final sale items:

  • Framed/Matted open edition prints
  • Limited Edition works
  • Special Collection works

What to Do if the Print Arrives Damaged 

Step 1 – Please call (+61) 04 7051 4144 between the hours of (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM PST Monday through Saturday) or email support@octagallery.com within seven (7) days of your merchandise delivery date.

Step 2 - Take photos of the damaged print and the packaging and email the photographs to support@octagallery.com.

Step 3 - After reviewing the photographs, Octa Gallery will ship a replacement print for your damaged purchase. 

If you sell an original work, Octa Gallery will receive a 30% commission on the final sale price. If a promotional discount code is offered, the discount will de deducted from the price of the artwork and the usual 70/30 split will then be calculated (see below for details).

For open edition prints, artists are entitled to 70% of the profit on each sale*. Profit is calculated from the final sale price minus the costs of production.

 ArtistOcta Gallery
Originals & Limited Edition Prints 70% of sale price  30% of sale price   
Open Edition Prints*70% of sale price minus costs of print production30% of sale price after costs of production

About Promotional Discounts

If a discount has been applied to your sale, it's because the collector redeemed a special promotional discount while purchasing your work. On occasion, we offer promotional discounts as an incentive for new and returning collectors to explore the constantly updating selection of artwork on our site. We find that offering promotions from time to time allows artists to gain the attention of collectors previously unaware of their work and a better chance to make future sales. Please know that this will be a relatively rare occurrence.

It's also important to note that during your initial sign up, you agreed to the following condition (included in our official statement of Terms and Conditions).

Octa Gallery reserves the right to promote and market Original Works of Art and/or Digital Works through the use of sales and/or discounts. The sale or discount amount will apply to the listing price of Original Works of Art and/or Printed Works relating to the Digital Works. After the discount code is deducted from the sales price, our usual commission of 30% will be applied. 

We thank you for your understanding and for being a part of the Octa Gallery community.

Today’s collectors are more sophisticated and price conscious than ever. They rarely see themselves as having only one choice when selecting art. Not only they are cost-conscious, but they almost always compare work from artist to artist before they make a purchase.

How to Price Your Original Work

Subjective qualities, such as emotional value and uniqueness can vary from one viewer to the next. Therefore, a consistent fact-based price structure should be applied when you price your work. As an artist, you should be prepared to explain how and why you set your price.

Pricing principles for artists new to the market:

  1. Price your art based on comparables. Compare your art to what sells, not to what does not sell. Set your price similar to other artists with similar experiences and work in similar mediums, or
  2. Price your art like a retailer, at two times the cost materials, or
  3. Price it at cost of materials plus your hourly rate x hours spent creating the art. For example, if the cost of materials is $50, your hourly rate is $20, and you spent 20 hours creating your art, then your art would be priced at $50 + ($20 x 20) = $450.
  4. Broaden your appeal and try to offer works at various price points.

Pricing principles for artists with sale history:

  1. Price your work based on documented accomplishments, sales history and exhibition history. Art sales are not immune to the ups and downs of the general economy. Artists should make necessary price adjustments to reflect market conditions.
  2. Broaden your appeal and try to offer works at various price points.

How to Price Your Prints

Although the artists have final control over print pricing, we strongly recommend all artists adopt the Octa Gallery suggested prices for prints. These prices are set by looking at the competitive market for open edition prints and positioning the Octa Gallery print product within the marketplace.

Watch the video below:

Dealing in the digital world, artwork must not only meet the scrutiny of art critics, but also JPG quality; that is, if you plan to sell your work on Octa Gallery. We won’t keep you guessing, our standards are consistent, simple and mostly a series of common sense executions.

Color Balance and Exposure

The color of the room, temperatures and use of flash can all distort the color balance, resulting in blues, yellows and greys that really should more closely resemble white.

Harsh Shadows and Reflections

Ensure your light-source provides even color and no directional shadows or reflections, which can distract from your artwork.

Noise and/or Compression

Avoid excessive noise by using a low ISO, (ideally between 100-200), or by shooting in sufficient light. (A cloudy day can be ideal, as the clouds work like a giant softbox). Check to ensure your camera is shooting at its highest quality settings and the file is saved at maximum quality.

Out of Focus / Motion Blur

Review images at 100% when choosing the best shot, to ensure you also choose the best focus. (By shooting with sufficient light, you decrease the likelyhood of camera shake when shooting hand-held).

Post-Production Over Filtering

Some files may benefit with post-production by adjusting color, brightness or contrast to more closely resemble the actual artwork. However, files that have been heavily post-processed, affecting confusion of medium or quality (color range) of artwork are subject to deactivation.


Increasing the file size only decreases quality. Instead of the misconception it will allow a file to be printed at a larger size, it actually decreases the quality in which the file will print.

Intrusive Digital Signatures or Text

Artwork celebrates the signature of the artists, representing ownership and creation; however, digital watermarks or in camera date and times make your work appear less valuable.

Parallel Angles/Rotation

If you must tilt artwork to take a photograph, ensure the camera is also at a parallel angle. A square or rectangle should have even edges.

Borders and Padding

Crop excessive blank space, artwork borders, mattes and padding. Adding extra space will not bypass you from minimum size requirements.

Composition: Rotation 90º-180º

Artwork should be properly rotated upon submission.

Art Only

You should only upload the artwork image.

Displaying Multiple Images

The number one request from interested collectors prior to purchasing an artwork online is to see additional images. We highly encourage you to add additional images of your artwork. Once you've completed uploading your artwork, you can add up to five (5) additional images from the product details page. Add images of things like close ups, the edges, hanging on a wall, a photo of you working on the artwork in your studio, the back of the artwork, and more.